Fees only 1% (ADA)

Stake pool

For Cardano

Delegate your stake (ADA) in our Stake Pool and start earning ADA rewards

High Rewards (ADA) and professional service

Our goal is to offer high rewards to our delegators with professional server service.
The stake pool server is securely setup, is fully automated and monitored 24/7.
Our technology ensures that the pool will have the highest possible availability, so we never miss a block.

Always Online

Fully automated and monitored 24/7


We are a group of Italian developers and we aiming to be a strong pillar for the Cardano community and ecosystem long term. We believe in low fees (ADA) but it also needs to be a sustainable business model for a stake pool operator like us.

Estimated reward

If this stake pool earned 10000 Ada in rewards during an epoch, 100 Ada would be taken as a reward percentage for the stake pool operator, and the remaining 9900 would be distributed to delegators.

The rewards are managed and distributed directly by Cardano.




  • Light Fees: Only 1%
  • 24/7 Monitored
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